Published: 16 November, 2022

We are Systemic Reaction

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Ravenbound is Systemic Reaction's latest project!

We are a small team in Stockholm formed by a group of veterans from the Avalanche Studios group (the teams behind Mad Max and Just Cause).

Our passion lies in crafting new experiences with unique settings, and this is reflected in both of our existing titles: Generation Zero and Second Extinction.

Our core pillars are freedom, exploration and a drive to create games like the ones that kept us awake at night as kids, this is why we have a game with lots of dinosaurs in it.

For Ravenbound, we wanted to take on the challenge of exploring a new genre as a studio – and it has been fun figuring out how to combine open-world games – something familiar to us – with roguelite mechanics and Swedish folklore into its own world!

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Working side by side with our players, we want to create sandboxes with unique settings that allow your creativity to thrive. Our focus is freedom, exploration, and a drive to create games like the ones that kept us up at night as kids.

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