Published: 23 August, 2022

Discord and Beta Testing

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Join our Community!

We envision Ravenbound to be a game developed together with our community and there are several ways you can participate! It doesn’t matter if you’re a lurker or a discussion lover - we’d love to have you on our discord server.

Come hang out with us!

There will also be a possibility for members of our community to help us more hands-on by playtesting the game before launch! During the fall we’ll host a closed beta! If you’re interested in participating please sign up for our newsletter, where we’ll be delivering more information about the beta as we move forward towards launch!

Sign up for the beta!

We’re very excited to hear your opinions about the game we have spent so long working on!

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Working side by side with our players, we want to create sandboxes with unique settings that allow your creativity to thrive. Our focus is freedom, exploration, and a drive to create games like the ones that kept us up at night as kids.

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